Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Radio Induced Stigmata

I had trouble sleeping last night. I woke up around 1:30, and ended up listening to all of Coast to Coast on the radio. Host George Noory interviewed John Zaffis, some sort of paranormal investigator, on hauntings, posssions and exorcisms. Between his stories and all the tales from the crazy callers, I got more than a little creeped out. I eventually fell asleep around five and had a wacked out dream.

In the dream, I was lying down when my childhood dog walked into my room. She was mutt through and through; her mother was a pure bred boarder collie, but the dad was a mutt. My dog ended up with the red-brown fur with white trim of a collie, but the face and floppy ears of something else. Maybe a beagle. Anyway, in the dream she looked like she did towards the end, the hair of her face turning pure white. Her eyeballs were missing, so you could see straight through to the moist-red sockets, and her mouth overflowed with oatmeal.

She barked a raspy but forceful kind of bark and walked out of the room. For some reason I followed. After walking out of my bedroom I was in my gradnparent's old house in Wisconsin, a place I haven't been to or seen in at least 25 years. The lights were off, and it was cold. Clouds of air puffed out of my mouth. Although I couldn't see her anymore, I heard my dog's claws click-clacking on the linoluem floor somewhere up ahead. So I kept walking.

Being dark, I couldn't see much of anything. I walked slowly, navigating myself by touch around chairs and sofas that shouldn't have been there. I finally made it to the kitchen. A red light shone from the ceiling, and my dog was there slowly wagging her tail. After standing there a minute or two, she got impatient and nosed her food dish.

"Hungry, I guess," I said.

I looked at the kitchen table and saw a raw side of beef. I reached out to start tearing flesh off for my dog when I noticed something odd about the back of my hands. Both hands had tiny pinpricks on the back; I held them up to my eye, first one, and then the other. Both were punctured clear through. If I placed the whole up to my eye, I could see through it like a pin hole camera.

I then flipped over my hand, and became sick to my stomach. My palms were bloody and torn, and the deep wounds seem to grow as I watched. Before long, my entire hands faded away, to be replaced with nothing more than the empty space of the pinprick hole.

Although I feel like there's more, that's all I remember.



Jen said...

Yikes! No thoughts for you here. Are there any particular feelings you have for your grandparent's house (or your grandparents? Dead people in my dreams often turn up as inanimate objects--rooms, clothes, furniture). How about your dog? What do you associate with your hands? For me, my hands symbol my vocation as writer and editor, and I'm particularly sensitive to something happening to them.

LadyLitBlitzin said...

Whoa. That's quite a dream. And you are a much braver man than I. (Oh wait, I'm not a man. But anyway.) I couldn't have listened to that show while trying to fall asleep. As much as I love horror stuff, when it comes time to fall about I don't want to be thinking about some of that true-life type stuff. And I think I've already revealed that The Exorcist is my Achilles heel of movies. It scares the crap out of me, every freakin' time I see it, without fail.

Hebdomeros said...

Nothing but good memories of my grandparent's house. I actually grew up there for a few years. One grandparent is still alive, but there was nothing really other than the house to tie to the dream. I'm intrigued by furniture representing dead people, though!
My dog, although crazy, I loved.

As far as hands, in some ways they are everything to me. I write with them, I type with them, I play bass guitar with them. Basically, everything I enjoy that's even remotely active. I can spin out some theories as far as not writing enough, not being entirely happy with my job, and probably a few others. But I'm not sure how it all fits together. Maybe it doesn't.

Yeah, it was freakish radio. I think the story that really got me was about a woman who had to go through 16 different exorcisms before they got rid of whatever ailed her. After the last one, a symobl of a cross and crown of thorns burned into her stomach. Or so the caller said, anyway.

I agree. The Exorcist is one freaky movie. Possession is a very scary thing. I've been meaning to rent it since they re-did the effects, to see if it's any more bizarre or not. Someday.

LadyLitBlitzin said...

Wow, that does sound like some freakish radio. Seriously, I would not have been able to sleep.

Yeah, I went to see the redone Exorcist with my ex-boyfriend when it came out. The funniest part was he and I scared each other more than the movie probably did. Another good reason for him and I to be friends -- apparently we were prone to inciting mass hysteria in one another. (As if 2 were mass, but anyway.) The spider walk, if you heard about it, was disgustingly creepy. Other than that I just remember thinking it was just as damn creepy as ever. I watched it on SciFi Channel on Sunday and even with some stuff (obviously) cut out, it STILL scared the shit out of me. TV 14 rating my ass! Ha.