Friday, January 21, 2005

My Trusty Ol' Sitemeter

Yesterday I got a lot of hits here, mostly because I used the word "protestor" in my post. So "protestor protestor protestor". And, for good measure, "inauguration".

For the record, I somehow missed all the real excitement listed in the Post. I saw plenty of protestors, and plenty of supporters but everyone seemed to co-exist well enough from what I saw. I did see one cop in full riot gear holding a Starbuck's cup and jumping up and down repeatedly. I just attributed it to an excess of caffeine. The Post also sponsored a Faux Blog that has some interesting perspectives.

I've also gotten a lot of hits from the last couple of days. Basically the site looks like a long list of links to reviews for books, music, and on and on. Apparently it picked up titles I referenced in different postings last week, both in my review of the Conjunctions issue and when I listed the books I got to review at my last magazine meeting.

So anyone coming here to read a review of The Age of Wire and String by Ben Marcus; sorry. Keep looking. The others I'll review when I finish reading them, so keep coming back if you like. I'll probably have my review of Scar Tissue up later today.



LadyLitBlitzin said...

Hey, you're becoming a blog superstar!

Did you see this article:

My friends are laughing about "under a hail of black boots."

Again, cops in full riot gear are scary. Probably not so scary with a cup of Starbucks and jumping up and down, though.

Hebdomeros said...

That's a crazy article. Even the way it describes people is funny. I wish I had seen the people protesting the protestors.