Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A little frozen quietude

Yesterday after my blog time I drove out to a park a little north of Warrenton, Virginia and did some much needed hiking. It's a nice, little travelled park with a series of meandering hiking trails that eventually hook up to the Appalachian trail. Yes, I know. Yesterday was the one of the coldest days we've had in awhile but the cold doesn't bother me if I dress right (meaning lots of layers) and come prepared. The winter's a good time to go, because you usually don't run into many other people. And actually, as long as I kept moving I was plenty warm.

It also gave me some much needed time to think. I don't know how other people are, but sometimes I need a little alone time to get my head straight. With what will probably be a stressful rest of the week, I needed to store up on some me time. The crisp air, the sharp sunlight, the partially frozen pond that you walk around, it was all very serene and a nice day to be out. A story I won't let go of yet has a lot to do with cold and freezing to death, so I got a lot of journal material that I can re-use in my story. Now I've got much better descriptions of my character dealing and feeling the pains of extreme cold.

The only people I met were two guys along the Appalachian trail. They're doing the whole trail from Maine down to Georgia, and were pretty nice guys. I wish both of them luck. I did the Virginia portion of the trail once, but I don't know if I could make the time commitment to do the whole trail.

After the serenity of the trail, I came home, fixed dinner and tried to watch the opener for American Idol since they started with the D.C. auditions. I just couldn't handle it; I got annoyed after about 10 minutes, turned it off and picked up Scar Tissue. Highly recomended if you like rock and roll bios. It's one of the better I've read in quite some time. It's very conversational, and has lots of good stories from funny to painful. I'll do a full-on review when I finish it in a few days, but I will say that reading it makes me glad I never really got into drugs. It also makes me miss being in a band.

Stay warm, everyone.



LadyLitBlitzin said...

I think it's totally cool that you went and did that, and on a Tuesday no less. That's really awesome. I definitely understand that need for "me time" -- I'm renowned for it. It used to be, I couldn't work on fiction until I had like, a full day and a half by myself. I'm really glad that I've gotten over that odd prerequisite.

What I don't do enough of is exploring, though. Like, "hey I'll go to a park by myself and walk." I think that's really awesome.

I'm glad to hear that Scar Tissue is worth it so far! So it deserves to be in my Amazon cart. ;)

Hebdomeros said...

Yep, definitely. I've been enjoying it. Although I don't know that I can review it for the magazine. I'll see if I can spin it the right way.