Monday, January 10, 2005

Linked With Kelly

I must be in synch in some small with Kelly Link. Not only did I (at long last) find her collection, but the coffepot ghost link I posted on Saturday has some odd similarities to "Stone Animals", her contribution to Conjuntions 43. Basically it's a haunted house story. A family moves into an old house in the middle of nowhere, and ghostly things start happening. Tons of objects in the house are possessed: underwear, coffee pots, a television, a bar of soap. But most important is the ever-growing, seemingly non-ending supply of bunnies that just won't go away. It's a very funny and well written story, well done enough that I almost want to put Conjunctions 43 aside for her collection. But I'll wait. I know there are more nuggets to come with Conjunctions 43.

Today I'm playing phone tag with a woman from the National Portrait Gallery here in D.C. She left me a message at home on Friday regarding a job I applied for back in October. It doesn't feel right to me to call her from work, so I'll be running outside on a quick break every now and then to try to get ahold of her. This is one of the only times I actually wished I smoked so I'd have an excuse to run out of the office every hour or so.



LadyLitBlitzin said...

OMG... now I really want to read that Kelly Link story! That's hilarious.

Good luck with the phone call! Yeah, as a smoker, I will say, it does make it less "odd" when you go outside. People are used to me traipsing up and down the hall and out the door 15 times a day. (Well, not actually that many times but you get my drift.) Good luck!! Sounds like it's a job you'd be psyched for...

Hebdomeros said...

Yep. I definitely want it. Still can't get ahold of her, though. I'm wondering if she's out of the office now. If I can't catch her today, I'll call the main office just to see if she's out or not.

Link's story is great. The Gilbert Sorrentino story kicks butt, too. I'll blog about the whole mag in more detail after I finish it.