Monday, November 21, 2011

New Stuff

This month has been all about adapting to new patterns. Aside from starting a new job with a very different work schedule than what I'm used to, I decided to go back to writing book reviews. I've been writing for the site No Flying No Tights, a site that reviews comics, manga and anime. It's written largely by and for librarians, but most of the reviews and articles are perfectly fine if you have any interest at all in comics and comics-related culture. They've put out four so far:

Surrogates, vol 1 and vol 2


Witchfinder: In the Service of Angels

Biomega, vol 1 and vol 2 and vol 3

With more to come soon. Check them out and comment if you like.

After almost two years off, it's been a lot of fun writing reviews again. Even though I read all the time, the experience is so different when you have to think about something critically.

Sort of related, last night I downloaded the free trial version of the writing software Scrivener. I'm just starting to really play with it, but I'm really curious to see if it's as good a product as I keep hearing. More on that later (probably).