Friday, September 02, 2005

A Whole New Medium to Conquer

Are you a frustrated writer? Have magazines like The New Yorker and The Atlantic stopped communicating with you, even through their automated responses? Do editors for small, photocopied zines and online ezines send you hate mail and death threats every time you shoot off another submission to them?

Scottish author Paul Story took matters into his own hands by distributing his novel Tom Corven, chapter by chapter, via podcast. As a form of self-publishing it makes sense. Without the costs of printing or even a webserver, he uploads the audio file making it easy an audience of millions to find his writing. Read the full story here.

Fairly recently Ron McLarty's novel The Memory of Running was first sold as an audio-only book. Stephen King loved it, promoted it, and it's now in print and selling at an admirable level. Whether or not the same thing will happen to Paul Story's novel remains to be seen. But I am curious to see if more people will start publishing solely through podcast. It could be an interesting market, particularly if you're good at reading your own material. Only time will tell.


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