Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Addiction

If my attitude towards books is any indication, I can never do crack. I just wouldn't be able to stop.

I went to the monthly magazine meeting last night to discuss what I reviewed over the past four weeks and pick out new stuff for the next round. I went in promising to control myself and not take too much. I have piles of older books to read, not to mention some lit mags both in print and online to catch up on. And I have at least one thing coming in the mail from Strange Horizons to review. I've also decided to take a stab at NanoWriMo this year, so I'm doing some prelim research for the novel...novella...whatever it ends up being, and need to set aside time for that.

So, what did I take?

Three graphic novels, all of which look promising, especially this one. The new TC Boyle collection, a bio on the remaining living astronaughts who've been on the moon, and an interesting looking dark fantasy by Cherie Priest.

Sometimes it feels like the more I read, the more I find to read.

Speaking of which, I'm really enjoying the Cory Doctorow book. I've never read him before, but his writing is kind of an odd marriage between Jonathan Carroll and early Neal Stephenson. Plus the references to Steel Pole Bathtub keep making me laugh.

I'm working up reviews for the last few things I've read, and those should start appearing over the next few days. Unless I get distracted, in which case all bets are off.



Jen said...

T.C. Boyle will be at the Baltimore Book Festival next week if you're interested.

Hebdomeros said...

Yeah, I saw that. I'm hoping to go, if I don't have to work. I've heard he's great in person from several people. I think he's going to be at an Olssons Books in D.C. soon, too. I'll have to check.

His new collection got kind of a ho-hum review in NY Times, but I'm looking forward to digging into it. I almost always enjoy his short stories.