Saturday, September 10, 2005

Attention All Superman Haters

Super Dickery retools covers and strips of various Superman comics, redoing them to make the Big Blue Cheese (yes, that was actually one of his nicknames) look like a complete and total dick.

Can't help but think of the Donald Barthelme (do people still remember Don B?) story that satirized Batman. Instead of a useful batch of crime-catching gadgets, the Batmobile is outfitted with a mini-bar. Funny as a one-time read as I remember it.



Matt Kirkpatrick said...

I *love* Don B.

I thought those Superman covers were real. Oh well.

Hebdomeros said...

Phew. Glad someone else out there knows who Don B is. People normally have a blank look on their little faces when I mention him.

You know, the covers may _be_ real. Some are just so crazy, they have to be. I wasn't sure, though.

Matt Kirkpatrick said...

I have a *ton* of Don B stuff - I dont anymore, but for a while I was trying to get all the first editions of the collections. They are relatively cheap on ebay. The coolest thing I have that's not widely seen is an illustrated book he did called Sam's Bar.

I did some research - I think they *are* real. So weird. I think the strangeness was mostly in the Lois lane and Jimmie Olson series.

Hebdomeros said...

You've convinced me. I believe they are real. I even found a few like this, this, and this that I owned at one point in time. I'm glad they are real. It's much funnier that way.