Sunday, September 11, 2005

Those Artist's-Artists

Radio Program Studio 360 is running a very interesting program this week on "Artist's Artists", meaning artists that may not be widely known but that people in the biz may admire greatly. Among others, they talk about coreographer Merce Cunningham, composer Pauline Oliveros, and author/playwright Samuel Beckett. My top ten "writer's writers" I constantly return to (not in any particular order):

1. Andre Breton (mainly for Earthlight)
2. Kathy Acker
3. Doug Rice
4. Christian Bök
5. Philip K. Dick (so utlra-trendy now, but I still love his ideas)
6. Marcel Schwob
7. Lance Olsen
8. Samuel Delany
9. George Bataille
10. Paul Bowles

Strangely, mostly people I would consider "stylists", which I'm really not except on those rare moments when I get hit with a fun structural idea. I'm sure I'd pick a different set on a different day, but there you have it.


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