Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Well this is the start of it all.

I ran into someone I knew in grad school the other day, and about the third thing they asked me was for my blog address. I shrugged, admitting I have none. Just yesterday my cousin in Oklahoma who I haven't heard from in about three years emailed me that she ran across something I wrote, and asked if I had a blog.

So now I do.

Mostly I'll be using this space to review things I'm reading and listening to in a manner I can't in other places, but other things will work their way in here as well.

As a start, though, I will say that I'm enjoying the entry into fall weather. I know most people prefer spring, but there's something about the move away from summer. Perhaps it's my hatred of the summer heat and humidity here in the D.C. area, perhaps its the unique color and quality of light the sun gives us this time of year, or maybe I just miss dressing up for Halloween.


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