Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ministry of Sleep

Last night I went home after work, cooked and ate dinner, played bass for an hour and barely worked on my short story. Essentially I typed up all the little sections I have handwritten so I can start editing.

I feel a little guilty, that I should have done more. At the very least written the ending, which is already in my head, or gone to the Ministry/Hanzel und Gretyl show at the 9:30 club last night. But I was so damn tired last night; I even drifted off on the metro ride home from work. Something I almost never do. I guess I can blame it on working 7 days in a row, but ten years ago, hell even five years ago, I would have gone to the show, come home and wrote for an hour afterward. Now it's hard for me to do either one. Either I'm getting old or I need to make some adjustments in my life. Or maybe I just need some new vitamins.


Not sure which I feel worse about, missing the concert (both are good live bands) or not writing. But right now I just feel, well, Bleh.

Well, the sun is shining and hopefully after all the meetings I have to attend today in place of my sick boss I'll have time for a lunch break. A cup of coffee on a bench at Freedom Plaza with my writing pad in my lap sounds pretty good about now. But duty calls.



Anonymous said...

I felt the same way (well tired-way, not bleh-way). Okay, well, it was more because Piper led bellydancing last night, and her classes wear a person out. But boy do they feel good. Went home, called the 'rents, got in my pjs by 10pm, talked to my brother online, read a bit, and actually went to bed at a reasonable hour! Go figure. I think I must have given you my gloom though, since it all vanished after Sunday ended. My apologies.


LadyLitBlitzin said...

I hear you. I was really sad to miss that show too. I really wanted to see Ministry, and Thrill Kill Kult, actually. Somehow I managed to never see them either band back in the day. I don't know if TKK would have done any old stuff (er... relatively speaking I guess), which is what I would have wanted to hear. A friend of mine might have gone to the show, I need to ask her how it was. However, when you work, Monday night shows are a killer.

But anyway, I had a bad case of yuck myself. I felt really sick again, and left work early yesterday, and therefore, was not even nearly capable of going to a show. Nor write. I haven't blogged for like, 2 days. Ah well... better luck some other time right. You should be happy you at least worked on your short story some! Good luck!!!

designergeek said...

Just Break Out.

Hebdomeros said...

Welcome, designer geek.

Yeah, I was in a funk that day. Sorry to broadcast my doom-and-gloom to the world. Doing much better now that I've had some time off, done some writing and other odds and ends to get my mind off of work.

Lady: TKK is a fun band. I saw them maybe ten years ago, I think opening for Pig Face. A fun night. Hope you're feeling better now, too. A lot of germs flying around out there.

And Anon-L: Ok. I'll just blame you!

LadyLitBlitzin said...

Wow, TKK and Pigface, that would have been great. I have a fairly vast collection of Pigface -- I call it "the Pigface phase" -- ha. Theres some good stuff though some of it was hit or miss....

I'm still recovering. Having problems with energy. I'm sure I'll be better for the weekend, for Halloween so I can be ragged out again!