Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Spook Day!

Shouldn't be any surprise that I love Halloween. I'm probably not doing anything special for it this year, save for dressing up in my psycho killer outfit, working on my horror short story and handing out candy. But I do offer some things somewhat Halloween related for this post:

Gargoyle, easily the best mag in D.C. and arguably one of the better in the country, has a lauch party coming up for their new issue. It's at Chapters Books in D.C., November 23 at 7:00 p.m. If you're not aware of Gargoyle, no, it's not a horror zine. It's a lit zine, but does sometimes include work with fantastical elements.

2nd, I offer up to you the Federal Vampire and Zombie Administration. I heard the supposed Director on the radio last night, and he's either the biggest crackpot since David Icke or he's done one hell of a job putting together a joke internet site. Either way, it's good fun imagining civil war soldiers banding together to kill vampires, or Fidel Castro sending a boatload of Zombies to Miami to get revenge on the U.S.A. It all sounds not too unlike a Harry Stephen Keeler novel come to life.

3rd Lady Litblitz has a good question about horror lit today. Go check it out and post if you have thoughts.

4th and finally, Art Bell, the great enabler of crackpots everywhere, is hosting his annual Ghost-to-Ghost call in show tonight. It usually offers up a nice balance between creepy stories and callers pretending to be the ghost of Elvis. It's a late night show, but worth it. The page has a list of stations that carry the show.



LadyLitBlitzin said...

Wow, you're lucky you had trick-or-treaters. I had candy, and Halloween lights inside the apartment and on the building... but my complex seems to have a dearth of kids, and we hardly see any neighbors. (I'm sure there's a horror story in there somewhere.) I continued my movie creepfest -- I have been a very remiss writer ever since Halloween season. That has to stop TOMORROW!

No Vampyre's Ball, eh? ;) However I can think of no better way to spend the holiday than working on a horror short story.

Thanks so much for all these tips. I definitely want to catch the Gargoyle launch party!! That sounds awesome. It's open to everybody, right, you don't need to have a ticket?

Those other links are a hoot! And thanks for pointing to my blog, too! :)

Happy Halloween!

LadyLitBlitzin said...

Oops, I meant lights on the balcony, not on the building. I don't scale walls. Ha.

Hebdomeros said...

No, no Vamp ball. :) I'll have to live off my memories of past ones. Instead I watched really bad horror flicks on spike t.v. (it was the only channel I get that was running horror movies last night).

I wouldn't say we had a lot of kids. Maybe 25 or so; I really loaded them all up as much as possible so I don't have to take so much candy to work. I want that stuff away from me, otherwise I'll eat it all by the end of the week!

Pretty sure the Gargoyle event is free. I went to one in February, also at Chapters, and that was free.

Anonymous said...

I'd come to Gargoyle if I could, but alas, it's even more difficult to make a 7pm reading when you're in Memphis, than in B'more. Besides, you don't have anything in this issue, right?

My Halloween was pretty low-key. Uhm, let's see, what did I do? I saw you. I cleaned and laundered items while watching Nightmare Before Christmas. Zoe brought kosher Chinese. She and I caught up. You nearly had to drive several hours to return car keys, and then I found the spare set. That's about it.

Most of the kids trick or treating weren't from my neighborhood, which is somewhat bizarre. I don't know if it's because they come out at a different time or what. Besides, I live facing an alley, and it's not particularly easy for me to get from my carriage house apartment to the front door of the main house, so, uhm, yeah. I guess if I was more in the Halloween spirit, I would have tried to get into the secret servant staircase in the main house that I've heard about. That would have been appropriately eery. Yay to houses from the late 1800s!