Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much

Mystery author Patricia Cornwell has taken out full page ads in at least two major newspapers, simultaneously pushing her theory on Jack the Ripper as well as denying that she's obsessed.

My ongoing investigation is far from an obsession but an excellent opportunity to provide a platform for applying modern science to a very old, highly visible case.

Read the full story, including how much she's spent on her investigations, on the BBC.



Jen said...

I thought the book was an interesting read but so much speculation, especially the timelines. However, I didn't realize that Sickert was such an ass, and historically it was information, moreso than most of the dry historical nonfiction I've read.

Hebdomeros said...

Yeah, Sickert's always had a pretty skeezy rep. Aside from now being accused of being Jack the Ripper. I didn't read her book, but did see the t.v. special she did. It was interesting, and seemed well thought out. At least from the point of view of someone who's not an expert, but has read a small handful of books on JTR.

I'm just not sure why she'd take out an ad saying she's not obsessed. Nothing wrong with healthy obsessions, particularly when you spin them into books that sell pretty well.