Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Get Your JC On

This was sent to me, and I was asked to tell everyone I know who writes. Since all those people read here, I'll post here.

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday! I've announced that my agent and I just sold a book to BenBella Books: "Literary Cash: Fiction and Nonfiction Inspired by the Songs of Johnny Cash."

I'm looking for submissions in both categories. So far, I have short stories "reminiscent" of JC from Deb Grabien, Russ Rowland, Gretchen Laskas, and Gayle Brandeis. The fiction is supposed to remind the reader of a JC song, though there is some wiggle room there.

The NF section is wide-open. I'm looking for suggestions, etc.

Please pass this message on to interested writers.

Thanks, Bob Batchelor or email at

I might send him a query, because I have a draft of a story that somewhat involves Cash. It's about a disk jockey whose father dies, and ol' papa was a big fan of Cash. The story's a little out there, though, because it's really a metafiction piece, dealing with writing and not writing. If you've got something, give it a shot.


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