Thursday, December 30, 2004

Time to Get Ready!

D.C. is struggling to get ready for Inauguration Day on January 20. Pennsylvania Avenue now sits lined with bleachers; made of dark gray metal, they look strangely skeletal just sitting there. Like some unfinished art project by Christo, or at least someone trying to rip him off. Although not needed for some time they now block a large chunk of the walking space on Pennsylvania, and I guess they will stay there for a week or two after all the ceremonies. The homeless are using them as sleeping platforms. Rows and rows of tattered-clothed people sleeping in the night air makes for a very surreal scene if you drive through D.C. at night.

On the politics side, Kojo Nnamdi's show reported that the D.C. Govermnent is arguing over fine details of protection with the Federal Government. The Feds want to close down a number of streets the city regards as Emergency Access routes. I can't wait to come to work that day.

And the Kerouac thought of the day:
Thus-my new diary begins. And its purpose, simply, to rediscover my real voice which is yours too, all our real, one voice, that's so often drowned by criticism and fear.


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LadyLitBlitzin said...

ah... yes... the inauguration. I haven't been downtown so I had no earthly idea what was going on down there... sounds like you will definitely have fun wending your way down there soon enough.