Saturday, December 18, 2004

Eat at Ralph's

Today is my mom's 60th birthday. I have to work today, so we actually celebrated last night.

"Mom," I said, "let me take you out to dinner. Pick somewhere nice. Anywhere you want to go."

She paused a few moments. "Let's go to Ralph's."

Ralph's is a roadside barbecue stand in the middle of nowhere, aka Triangle, Virginia. By roadside, I mean roadside. There are no tables. There's barely any parking. They do have really good barbecue sandwiches, though. And their hotdogs aren't bad, either.

I guess mom just had a taste for it. For being from Missouri, her tastes in food are very southern. But then her mom and dad were from Tennessee.

And now I offer up the strangest piece of spam I've ever gotten in my in-box. I fully expected some crazy porn site, but curiousity got the better of me.

Hello, I am an Italian journalist. My name is Giampietro Stocco and
last year I have written an alternate history novel, Nero Italiano. In
the last months I put a website with some italian allohistory- and
sci-fi contents:

If you wish, have a look: there is also an English version.

Giampietro Stocco

It's, well, strange. I figured since my online identity here is borrowed from an Italian experimental novel, I should showcase weird little things by Italians from time to time. It's animation heavy, so it might take some time if you're on dialup.



LadyLitBlitzin said...

Happy birthday to your mom. Isn't that funny when people want something really simple? Sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered. I have a bbq joint nearby and sometimes I just go there, it's such good and comforting food.

That spam -- that's very interesting. Wow. Talk about the unexpected.

Giampietro said...

Hello Hebdomeros,
well, I am the spammer, even if I did noty mean to.
What I did not understand is wheter you liked my website or not. Are you interested in alternative history?
Let me know, you have my e-mail.
Have a nice Xmas,

Hebdomeros said...

Well hello. Thanks for posting.

Your spam was good spam. It was just odd that it came into my inbox. I saw it later on some of the sf newsgroups, along with the discussions there you've probably already read. I imagine it came to me by way of the newsgroups, because I post there from time to time under my real-life name.

I do like alternative history. It's an odd and interesting form of fiction. Harry Turtledove's stuff is well done, and I like Thomas Pynchon and Eco for the way they re-use and re-create history.

Your site looks very interesting, but unfortunatley I'm not informed enough in Italian history to know everything you're working out on the page (visually, it's very well done). I have your site bookmarked, and plan on looking in from time to time. Best of luck to you.

Giampietro said...

Nice to hear it! Anyway, I started a sort of translation for what the chpater of my first two books are concerned. It isn't terribly good, but it is enough to understand how I write. I hope to be abel to put some more in the website. Maybe in th coming weeks.
Merry Xmas again ,

Anonymous said...

Here I am again. If you still are interested, my home page has changed and the English link looks a bit better.
There are new things to look at.
So long!