Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lit Links

A somewhat random assortment of lit-oriented links I've stumbled and tumbled across the last week or so. Enjoy.

In celebration of National Poetry Writing Month, Sandra Beasley is blogging drafts of a new poem. The old drafts go away when the new ones go up, but it's fun to watch her process as the poem gets honed.

Thanks to some participatory help from Kim Roberts and Richard Peabody, Madam Mayo is putting together a pretty comprehensive list of all the women authors who live or have lived or have a strong connection to the DC area. We often don't get thought of as a literary town, but we really are.

Special congrats to issue 51 of Gargoyle. Word around town is that Nik Houser's story "First Kisses From Beyond the Grave" has been picked up for the upcoming edition of Best American Fantasyr. In the very same issue, Angela Threatt's story "Bela Lugosi's Dead" will appear in pages of the new edition of Best New Stories from the South. Congrats to both of the writers and to Gargoyle.

The Wild River Review has an interesting interview with Neil Gaiman, where he talks about freedom of speech, his creative process, and the differences between writing for comics and writing for books.

Bat Segundo features a fun interview with one of my favs, China Miéville.

PW offers up a Hot Books For Summer list. At first glance, I'm really only drawn to the upcoming books from DeLillo and Gibson. But then I'll read anything anyone puts in my hand (eventually).

Interesting thoughts on teaching creative writing by Daniel Green at The Reading Experience.

Elizabeth Bear has a good column on rejection from editors.

Short article on the band Harry and the Potters.

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