Friday, April 20, 2007

Eisners Announced

Nominations for the Eisner Awards, one of the big awards in comics, were just announced. This year they seemed to include more manga, more stuff by women, although a few less indie titles. Marvel came in really strong this year, which I think shows how much they are really try to improve (despite the Cival War fiasco). There are already cries of outrage from fans yelling "But what about (insert favorite here)". I will say they picked a really broad range of stuff and really tried to present a cross section of the best of each type of comic. Some of my favorites were skipped over as well, but I don't have any issues with anything they did pick. I'll be curious to see what actually wins.

On a somewhat personal note, two people I really admire were on the panel this year: editor/author Jeff Vandermeer and librarian/critic Robin Brenner, who runs the great website No Flying/No Tights that reviews graphic novels and hosts a good number of essays touting their merits.


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