Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Comics Links

A random selection of posts and articles related to comics I've stumbled across over the past week.

Rabbi Harry Manhoff speaks on the crossover between Jewish culture and comics. Not sure how he missed classics like Eisner's New York series, but glad he's finally catching up.

After Ellen offers up an interesting column on the growth of comics exploring lesbian themes. Again, nothing new to the genre, but glad they're catching up.

Graphic Novel Review gives a very thorough review of Megan Kelso's collection Squirrel Mother, which I reviewed way back here. It's damn good....I'm glad to see it's finally getting noticed. Also a follow up post tracking the other reviews online.

Hoo-ray! Top Shelf puts everything on sale to celebrate their ten-year anniversary. Time for me to load up on all the James Kochalka I'm missing.

Jog reviews the newest issue of Mome, arguably the best mag out there promoting new literary comics.

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