Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Link-o-Rama

Author/critic/essayist Steven Shaviro writes about a conference honoring the life and work of Samuel Delaney, one of my personal favorite authors.

Are you just gonna sit there and let Mr. T beat Mr. Lethem? The Literary/Pop Culture March Madness at Barrelhouse continues.

Jeff at IAmNotLyingForReal does an interesting back-and-forth on his choice of tattoos.
Not having one myself, I'm always fascinated why people pick the ink they pick.

SF author Charlie Stross speaks out on the newly proposed ID cards for U.K. residents.

Matt Cheney at Mumpsimus writes on the new subscription program offered by Soft Skull Press. If I wasn't already over-subsribed and overwhelmed with stuff to read these days, I might do it. Soft Skull's a very cool press.

Gary K. Wolfe wrote an interesting essay on the state of SF and reviewing it. I may write more on this later, because there are a few points worth replying to.

Video game

Moran says the Smithsonian needs to start charging.

Ugh. Hollywood continues its ongoing love affair of not coming up original thoughts. Starring Peter Dinklage as the villain, it's Underdog: The Movie.

DC Shorts is now accepting submissions for their annual short film competition. Early bird deadline May 31, absolute deadline June 30.

A blogger 3 days away from a trip to Sudan experiences violence right here in DC.

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