Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Link-o-Rama

A psyhoanalytical look at creative inspiration.

Nominees for Pulitzer Prize for Criticism are now out.

Baltimore Sun editor Paul Moore explains why movie critics somtimes disagree with the public and even the Academy Awards.

SF Chronicle writer Mark Murford's violence cup is overflowing.

Boo Hoo. Annie Proulx on Brokeback not winning best picture.

Costco and Art. Maybe not the best mix after all. My favorite quote? "They just sell the top quality — whatever you buy at Costco, whether it's a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner," he (Mr. Knickerbocker) said in an interview. "I just thought, if it's a Picasso, you can't go wrong."

Publishers rethink the teen market. It's about time. They're a lot smarter than most people like to admit.

Writer Beware's 20 worst agents, courtesy of Miss Snark.

This exhibit looks cool for any fans of superhero comics.

Barrelhouse editor Dave Housley explains their own version of March Madness. Courtesy of the Happy Booker.

And you thought you had moving day anxiety? Here's what it takes to move big pieces of art.

300 paintings in 300 hours at Art Crash 214.

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