Saturday, March 25, 2006


Yep, it's a day late. And yep, I haven't been posting much this week. It's been a wild week, filled mostly with articles on digital preservation for library class and busy, busy days at work with a hit show. My low level of posting will probably continue over the next few weeks until class is finished the first week of May. I have some reviews of Gus Openshaw's Whale Killing Journal and DC Noir coming as soon as possible.

Would you snip it for the sake of your art?

The BBC on clip culture.

Libraries revive old time music. For the actual sounds, go here.

First George Mason U doing well in March Madness, and now the Virginia Quarterly Review surprises the publishing world with multiple nominations from the National Magazine Awards. Clap your hands for the commonwealth!

Taking stock of a new band. They're actually not the first to do this....Bowie did it about 15 years ago so he could buy back the rights to his back catalogue.

George Lucas speaks out on the cultural imperialism of Hollywood.

Historian David Lowenthal offers up a different view on the idea of cultural idea that says that it doesn't exist.

Apple and France go toe-to-toe over the power of I-tunes.

Philip Pullman, Nick Hornby and others get together to revitalize libraries in the U.K.

Something that makes the little goth-punk in my head worry; parents say it's cool to be goth.

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