Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Link-o-Rama

Typing with your brain.

The English language to get is one-millionth word. Maybe.

The Boston Globe critiques the whole idea of an online novel.

Although perhaps a bit too focused on the NY and London corridors of transgressive art, Art That Kills looks pretty good if you enjoy sex, drugs and violence with your artwork (some of the images are a bit graphic). Despite some of the inflated jargon in the description, it's probably pretty good. I like a lot of the artists mentioned and Creation Books generally does a pretty good job.

The online journal The Dream People, which specializes in what they call Bizarro Literature, has a new editor and a new look. I've always had mixed feelings about the output over there, but I hope a new leader will bring in work that's higher quality. Horror needs a kick in the pants like no other genre.

Here's a very heartfelt reaction to the Dada show, still ongoing at the National Gallery here in DC. Please go see it if you haven't.

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