Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Well with The Incredibles superheroes seem to be in the air lateley.

This is a fun collage project that will hopefully grow. And here is a goofy McSweeneys story with a lot of inside jokes. And this is a weird little project that I don't quite know how to explain (you need acrobat reader for it). For a literary context, here's Shaviro's Doom Patrols, a set of essays that looks at comic books authors and characters alongside experimental artists and authors. It's several years old, but a fun read and still relevant.



LadyLitBlitzin said...

A friend of mine has had an awesome idea for bringing out the superheroes in you and me. I just emailed him the collage site... I am suggesting he'd better get on with his project since superheroes are all the rage.

It's a hilarious idea and I'm dying to share it but should probably vet it past him before I do. I don't know if he wants his idea disseminated across the wilds of the Internet.

Hebdomeros said...

Well now you've got me all curious! But yeah, you probably shouldn't post it anywhere. At least until your friend gets the idea out there.