Sunday, November 28, 2004

Naturists Take On Censorship

A friend and former boss of mine emailed this to me last night. And while I'm not a naturists, censorship in any form does irk me. Act on it if you like. I'll let my friend speak for himself without any further comment.

Dear Naturists, Friends of naturists and/or opponents of censorship,

The link below will explain the issue in more detail. Basically, Barnes&Noble, under pressure from "concerned customers", has removed the naturist magazine N from its shelves. For those not familiar with this periodical, let me assure you that it isn't dirty by any usual definition of that word. What is galling is the hypocrisy of removing a magazine that looks at social nudism, while retaining Playboy & Penthouse! Not to mention any number of art/photography or "how to" books that are far more sexually graphic than anything found in N. Even if you are not a naturist/nudist yourself, please take the time to let B&N know that you're not happy with such hypocritical censorship coming from a main bookseller. The contact info for B&N is in the link. Thanks!


PS, Please pass on to any other sympathizers you may know.

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LadyLitBlitzin said...

Geez. Totally hypocritical, and yes, censorship. WTF? What makes it different than other magazines or books with any sexual content -- also gives me the paranoid thought that maybe these "concerned customers" are trying to test the waters, to see what they can get away with, in terms of what can be placed on the shelves. What next? I'll write a letter.

Hebdomeros said...

Testing the waters never ocurred to me. That tiny little bit of me that's paranoid must be sleeping.

Technically, I guess it's in their right to ban whatever they want. But when you can walk in and browse through a playboy, penthouse or maxim (although not nude, its all about sex) but drop this magazine, its hypocritical.

LadyLitBlitzin said...

Yeah, I totally agree that it's ridiculously hypocritical. I guess where I was going with the "testing the waters" thing -- a) see what kind of outcry there might be and b) the fact is, porn, softcore as Penthouse and Playboy might be, does make money while N likely has a small readership.

Truth is, for that very fact that they make money, I'd think that Penthouse and Playboy and the like wouldn't be touched. But then again, we are currently living in a lovely nation of Moral Values.