Saturday, November 13, 2004

A real quickie

Just a real quick post while I'm waiting for the coffee to percolate. I (finally) finished the horror piece last night and sent it to two online places. While I'm not totally happy with it, I'm sick of it. If it's rejected I'll work on it some more. But it's time to move on to other things.

The Post has a fun article about NanoWriMo. And the good old NY Times has a couple good pieces. One on Alice Munro, written by Jonathan Franzen. He's right about her being underappreciated. I think she's one of the best of the modernist short story form out there; but Franzen's own aside that he's also underappreciated is a little self-serving. I worked in a bookstore when his novel hit paperback, and it defintely moved. And this book just made my Xmas list (hint hint to all who know me in real life). Zappa's a nut, in a good way, and I love that Camille Paglia reviewed this new bio on him. Lastly, this looks really interesting. DJ Spooky is a high-concept DJ and audio-collage guy who was really embraced by the NY Art Scene a few years ago. He started here in D.C., spinning at Tracks and a few other places, and the last couple years he's been touring museums and more arty performance spaces doing a lecture/performance based around his theories of collage. When I first got into him, there were also rumors of a novel called Flow My Blood the DJ Said, which is a take off of a Philip K. Dick title Flow My Tears The Policeman Said. He has a lot of fun ideas on collage, the way we piece together information, process thought, etc. Some of it applicable to writing.

You may need a login id to see these articles, but it's free. Anyway, still working up my review of Black Clock. If work is slow enough, I'll get that up by this evening. Otherwise it will be my post for tomorrow.


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LadyLitBlitzin said...

Hey Hebdomeros,

Congrats on finishing your horror piece! That's huge!

All this stuff you've pointed to is great, thanks for doing it! I totally enjoyed the Washington Post link on NaNo. And that was a very interesting review of the Zappa book. I never knew that much about Zappa -- never got into his music -- but that was an interesting interview (especially the glimpse into his artistic personality). And of course, terribly interesting that Camille Paglia wrote it. She's quite interesting in her own right although I haven't read anything she's written in years.