Thursday, June 15, 2006

Technical Stuff

If you look to the right, you'll see a few changes on the page here.

I've added a link to my official MySpace profile. Some people I work with convinced me to set up the account awhile ago and I haven't really done much with it. I don't know what the hell I'll be doing with it now but if you have a MySpace account and feel like adding me, send me an invite. I might send out bulletins or something highlighting special events or kick ass books to read. Just let me know you know me from the blog, because I tend to ignore the Myspace sluts just trolling for more friends. At this point I'm mostly amused that I have online horror host Count Gore as my top friend.

I've also added a link for an RSS feed. If you click the link it allows you to add this blog to your My Yahoo or other type of newsreader. Makes it easier to know when there's new content, so you won't get annoyed when I go through my light posting phases.

Also added links to some new (at least to me) blogs. Feminist SF-The Blog! is pretty self-explanatory. But it's a subject I'm interested in and the blog itself looks promising. Visions of Paradise is similar to mine: a mixture of book reviews and self-pontifications. I've been lurking and reading there for awhile now, so I felt like I should add the link. Finally, Madam Mayo is the new blog for D.C. author C.M. Mayo. She's a very busy writer and part of readings in the area almost constantly (like the reading for Enhanced Gravity this weekend). She offers a really interesting perspective, so her blog is well worth watching.



C. M. Mayo said...

Hola Hebdomeros, thank you kindly for the mention of Madam Mayo.

Hebdomeros said...

My pleasure....I've been enjoying your blog all week.