Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Link-o-Rama

Miss L reminded me last weekend that I hadn't done one of these since I came back from my final exams break several weeks ago. So while I can't say it's back by popular demand, someone demanded it.

Podcasts from Balticon have been updated. Mostly a number of interviews with Neil Gaiman. Interesting stuff. The main page has casts of interviews with other talents like Peter S. Beagle and Lisa Snellings-Clark. For a more humorous interview with Gaiman at Balticon, check out the interview conducted by DC horror host Count Gore.

Ninth Art reviews Can't Get No, the new comic by Rick Veitch on 9/11.

Author David Louis Edelman explains why SF isn't always so good at predicting the future.

Ah, memories. Snopes reminds us where the tech boom came from. Worth it just for the photo.

Scott Esposito on The Steinbeck Copywright Controversy.

I ran across this a few days ago, and I'm still rubbing my hands together. Looks like Heb fave Thomas Pynchon has a new book coming out in December.

Help Shelley Jackson with her upcoming novel by taking the Mutatis Mutandis test. Apparently I have an undeveloped twin living inside of me as a small tumor.

Very interesting dialogue between Lance Olsen and Lidia Yuknavitch on language.

For some new fiction take a look at the newest issue of JMWW, edited by Baltimore writer Jen Michalski.

Finally, author Alexander Nephew is blogging his new writing project The Chronicles of Chilly Debby. I'm not sure where it's going yet, but as of right now I really want to know. Hope he keeps going with it.


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