Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Link-o-Rama

Baltimore program The Signal interviews Laura Lippman on editing the new anthology Baltimore Noir. It's an mp3 file, so you'll need itunes, windows media or some other program to play it.

Martin Amis writes on the last days of the 9-11 hijackers. Looks provocative and interesting.

Last I checked it's not 1984, so why is everyone quoting Orwell?

Culture Vulture picks on the ways some theatres are promoting their shows.

Mumpsimus writes on Beckett turning 100.

Eye-Level writes on the complicated nature of photographer Sugimoto, who currently has a show at the Hirshhorn here in DC.

Maktaaq does a really interesting review on the comic series Krazy Kat, something I've meant to read for some time but just haven't gotten to yet. Ebay here I come.

Kathryn writes about blog wars. I mean really....just how petty are humans?

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