Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Press on the Block

We've got some new kids on the block, kids calling themselves Portal Press. With two books already lined up as well as poster art and a line of very fun alterna-holiday cards, it looks like they've got their act together. So pay them a visit and look around.

To kick off their new press, they're putting together an official launch party tied to opening night of Book Expo on the night of May 19 (if you don't know Book Expo and you read books, you really should at least be aware of it). The party will be held in a hip art gallery downtown and features a number of live bands and roving models dressed in vintage fashion. I can only assume eats and drinks will be available as well. They're certainly doing things right, because there's no better way to appeal the literati of DC than overloading their senses and filling their gullets full of alcohol and caffeine. Check out their site for all the details. Should be a fun time, and although I'll probably be late I still hope to be there. Being just a few blocks from where I work, I really have no excuse.



the Happy Booker said...

Hey Heb--

we're having our own litblogger party that night at The Big Hunt in Dupont. 6 to 8pm--PLEASE come! Any chance we'll be able to party hop and make both events?


Hebdomeros said...

Hi Wendi-

I'm sure there will be a lot of party hopping that weekend. I keep hearing about more and more parties not just that night, but over the whole weekend.

Wow, the Big Hunt. I haven't been there in YEARS! I often have to work until 8 pm on Fridays but I'll make it if I can. Thanks for letting me know!