Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stop Reading....

and go vote, you slacker!

There are important state-wide elections going on in most states in the U.S. today. Some states, like New Jersey and my own Virginia, are particularly vital because we are electing new governors and the races look like they will be close ones.

I stopped at my local polling station on my way to work today. Very sad to see only two people in line ahead of me, and both of them obviously part of the retired set. I know most people go after work, but still. If you haven't voted, leave work early, run out on your lunch break. If nothing else, you get a free sticker.


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Miss L said...

I'd vote if there was anything in my district to vote for. The way they've been discussing the races here since last January, you would forget that our elections in the land of Mary are not till next year. I think Annapolis has some local voting going on. Sigh.