Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nano Update

I lost my writing flow the last few days. A few weeks ago I caught a pretty bad head cold, and the cough was still lingering. For some reason last Friday I decided to go running, and I spent the rest of the day hacking up my lungs. That combined with staying up way to late several days in a row caught up with me and got me sick again. So I napped during my lunch hour at work, napped on the metro ride home and went to bed right after dinner every night the last several days.

But I'm feeling more human again. Yesterday I finally got hero #2 to the fantasy world, and I've written a few scenes from the point of view of Clive the talking dog. Now that I'm in the fantasy world I'm going to try to just let my mind go and populate it with some crazy races of creatures. Creatures with spider torsos and human heads. Sentient being who eat through photosynthesis. And the always required Birdmen. Or maybe not, I haven't decided yet.

Today's my day off, and I'll be fine-tuning some book reviews and then trying to crank out 5 pages or so for the NanoNovel. Good luck to any others out there trying to keep pace.



Maktaaq said...

This sounds interesting! I am really curious about the idea of spider torsos and the talking dog.

I am pretty sick too, and super tired. I go through one day of 3000 words and a really great piece of dialogue then one day of only 1000 words of plodding through transition. Today I am going to do 5000 words (it's my day off from work) and put myself ahead so I can take it easy later on.

What worries me is that I have written up to the climax but don't know what to do with the great vampire-zombie--muskrat-taxidermist battle at the end. So I've gone back to develop scenes I've just skimmed over.

Hmm, my main characters will come out of it alive, but one of them, I keep wondering if they find out at the end that he has always been a vampire. That would explain why the heroine, his lover, was immune to vampirism, after all those years of love bites. Hmm, decisions.

I think I need more spiders in my novel.

Hebdomeros said...

You're making better progress than I am. Right now I'm in the part that's not too clear in my head, so it's kind of slow going. I'm having a hard time just letting things go right now. Part of me wants to skip ahead to the section with ghosthunters and magical portals, but one thing at a time. I'll be happy if I get out 500 words today.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Maktaaq said...

I would say just skip ahead. I did that. I am now going back and filling in the rest. Last year I lost momentum because I got bored with one scene. (I'll be cutting out that scene in the editting part of my novel, a whole 5000 words out the window.)

It is good practice for writing. All this pushing myself, once Nano is over, it's going to be so easy to write. :)