Friday, March 18, 2005

Random Blogginess

First, I really enjoy my sitemeter. Not so much for how many people come and visit my odd little online home, but more for how they got here. Some level of traffic comes through by way of the reviews I plug in. Perfectly understandable that people would stumble through here looking for more info on Joe Meno or Seth Greenland. But a few things seem completely random. I experienced an odd spike in traffic last week following my three-day thread on the dangers in writing. But these people came through not because of some serious investigation on the trials and tribulations of creating art, but because of my line "puffy callous on the knuckle of my middle finger". Apparently I am not alone in this affliction, and many came here seeking answers.

Afraid I have none. I am sorry to let you down, dear reader. And although I'm not personally bothered by my callouses (I also have them well developed on the pads of my fingertips from playing bass guitar) I'd be happy to share possible solutions since so many seem interested in this issue.

Secondly, Sitemeter's letting me know that I have a lurker. Most of the traffic through here is East Coast U.S. time. Not at all surprising since that's where I reside and I sometimes post about events in the D.C. area. But one lone person from Iceland seems to check in once a week. Or, at least, someone who's played with their computer enough to make it look like they're from Iceland. So hello to you, Icelandic lurker. Feel free to post if you like. Don't be afraid. Despite the hardness of my name, Hebdomeros is actually a nice guy. Ask anyone.

I've added a few links to the side, and am considering adding a few more. Placed here more for my easy reference than for anything else, they're worth looking at if you have the time.

Tomorrow I'll actually write about writing.




Maktaaq said...

I'm here but I'm not the Iceland lurker...

LadyLitBlitzin said...

OMG, it's Bjork! (wheeee!)

Nah, that was a great post, most notably the odd traffic. Apparently lots of people are afflicted with that particular callous, interesting, seeing how I would imagine that it would be less of a problem what with computers and keyboards... who knew!

My sitemeter never seems to yield such interesting stuff, but maybe I'm not trying hard enough...

Michèle said...

Sorry, I'm not the Icelandic lurker either, although I'd love to visit there someday.

I use Sitemeter also and see that I occassionally get visitors from Google and Yahoo searches. What are they looking for most often? "Nestlé's Choco'lite" and "Hershey's Bar None." (See: I love it!

Hebdomeros said...

I love the randomness of how some people come here. I've even had one person I know in real life discover my blog and figure out pretty quickly that it was me (he now sends others this way, and one or two of them have sent friendly "love the blog" kind of emails).

Unfortunately, I think Bjork pretty much hangs in NY City nowadays. Although I might be wrong. Is she still with Matthew Barney? Talk about a strange-but-perfect match, those two.