Thursday, March 31, 2005


I just received the galleys for a short story a small publisher picked up for an anthology.

It's a unique experience for me, because it was sent electronically. All done in MSWord using features I've never really explored, the editor's changes stand out in red. I have to go through them and vote yes or no with a right-click on the mouse for all the changes. Thankfully most of the problems are format issues with their house-style (one space after periods instead of two, for example) a few grammar mistakes that I would have caught if it hadn't been my own work. My previous experience with galleys is limited to print versions covered with copyeditor marks. This is a much easier system to read, and while I hate to admit it Microsoft plugged in some nice features to allow all of this. It certainly made things easier in a time sense. The publisher resides in Manitoba, Canada and I'm all the way down in Vriginia. With the state of international mail, who knows how long it might take to mail changes back and forth to each other.

The full book should come out sometime in May or June, assuming everything goes well. I'm really curious to see what other stories lie inside those pages. I'll post an update when the book comes out, but in the meantime I have some editing to do.



Jen said...

Congratulations! That's great news.

Hebdomeros said...

Thanks, Jen! I'm excited about it. Now I need to get cracking so it's not my only fiction pub of the year.

LadyLitBlitzin said...

As much as I never have a kind word for Microsoft, and used to want to kill that stupid "It looks like you're writing a letter! Do you need help with that?" paper clip guy, I have to admit the "track changes" feature is really handy with editing.

And of course, congrats as well! That is so cool and getting galleys is a real writerly feeling, isn't it?? Keep us posted about when the anthology is on the shelves!