Friday, March 25, 2005

Hebdomeros Mailbag

Not sure why I got this in my email last night, but i did:

In the immortal words of Freddy Mercury, "Who wants to live forever?"

I do.

I am seriously looking for a beautiful female vampire to infect me with eternal life. After all it takes more money to do a fraction of the things one wants to do than can be made in several lifetimes. As a vampire one at least has a fighting chance of accomplishing something worth writing home about.


Assuming there really are vampires, I would think the last people in the world they would want to bring into their fold are people begging to join. You're setting yourself up to be a donor for life (in vamp culture, donors are people who willingly give up their blood). But maybe that's me.

And if you really want eternal life you might have to go with a less beautiful vampire. I would imagine the really sexy ones have to fight off the offers with a stick. Or maybe a stake. Not sure.

Try one of the ugly old masters. One of those shrivelled, heavy set, bald guys with bulging veins and purple lips. They might just be desperate enough to give you a little try, you desperate little weasel.

Seriously, though, run, run, run away from anyone who claims vamphood. Real or not, sexy or ugly, they're not worth the danger.



LadyLitBlitzin said...

Was this in your blogger email, or your personal email? And why did this person think that you're, like, vampire pimp daddy or something?

That's rather mysterious... and entertaining. And just a tad... disturbing.

Hebdomeros said...

It was in my blogger-only email. Not my personal one. I'm guessing the person either spammed a lot of sites or found the one or two mentions of vampires on my blog and thought I was in-the-know. I used to know some vamps, but not for a few years now. I'm long out of that culture.

I sent a "get some help" kind of reply to the person. But no response.