Friday, February 11, 2005

Such a Cut-up

My day job forced me to miss my reviewers meeting this week. I thought I would go without books from them this month and use the time to wade through the piles I have on my bookshelves. Like just about any booklover, I have your standard bookshelves all pretty well filled. But in front of the neatly lined up books are piles of other books I have yet to read. The editors sent me a few things anyway, so the piles keep growing.

First is The Capital, which is part two of the graphic novel series Isaac the Pirate. Part one was one of the first things I reviewed for the magazine, so I'm pleased to get this one. They also sent me Star of Gypsies, the newest novel by Robert Silverberg, and new bios on Tori Amos and Ray Bradbury. All look pretty good. It's kind of scary that the editors are zeroing in on my tastes so easily, but I take it as a good sign that they're sending me things when I miss a meeting. Perhaps I'm just that scary good.

Fiction-writing wise, I've made good progress on my story. Although not perfect, it's a lot better than it was on Monday. Late tonight I'll be performing the old cut-up routines on it. Although it doesn't always work, sometimes it shakes up the writing enough to give you some new ways to look at the story. If nothing else I'll get some fun combinations of words I would otherwise miss out on.

Tomorrow I'm up to Baltimore for a job fair, and then an early Valentine Day celebration with Miss Anonymous L. She has things planned for us, but I don't know what. The only thing she's told me is that she's not sure if we have to dress up "nice or funky". So long as "funky" doesn't involve a pair of wooden clogs, it's cool with me.


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LadyLitBlitzin said...

Good luck on that there story. And have fun with your Valentines celebration! I have to say, I find it just about the most hated of all holidays, but that's just me. ;)