Monday, February 14, 2005

Cut-up results

I meant to post this earlier, but for the curious this is what happens with a cut-up:

his discovery was true. They lacked his claw. He would prove it to them the only way he know better: he'd continue retreating. Well during the thesis defense your sweater like it wasn't hour 4 already. odd runes, the whole Norse myths. One anger academia at first Stone in Oklahoma and burial sites of a little sports car. Paul turned into Korn and into Led Zeppelin. The cold of the predictions collapsed flat on the ground. Bergelmir redressed in a pizza reopened his eyes to find Dr. Carroll's baseball cap scraped and cut. But Paul knew inside just slightly through the food he pulled his hand out stretching out to the snowflake, knocking him on the Viking helmet. colorless, gray hue. the steady flow. Paul paused. likely to bring the wind circles a Raven could talk called upon the expertise of Dr. Laughter. Well, if that's what you think satisfying himself by viewing her discoveries of small tools by her neck. one hand two sizes too small before he died. the ice and snow burned into him, starting a patch of pepper-gray hair sniffing the air.

Not all that helpful this time, but it did generate some fun descriptions. I'm now shopping for a couple markets and will send it out tomorrow.

In other news, I just got the official contract for the anthology that's running another story of mine. I should be getting galleys next month, and then it's supposed to be published sometime in April or May. I'll post more as more happens.


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LadyLitBlitzin said...

Ha, nice exercise, that!

And... you must be so proud of that anthology thing. That's so great! Congrats!!!!