Sunday, September 21, 2008

And Now Back to our Regularly Scheduled Program

Miss L and I were sitting around yesterday morning, doing a whole lot of nothing before actually starting our Saturday. I was watching an unhealthy mixture of bad cartoons and Good Morning America while reading a few pages of Zeroville. Miss L was jumping around on the web.

All of a sudden she said, "You know, you really need to update your blog."

I looked up to see the same page that's been on this space for almost two months now, my review of Out Backward.

I shrugged. "I've been busy."

"Uh-huh," Miss L said. "No one's going to look at it if you don't update it."

I shrugged again, a gesture proclaiming my not caring without committing to not caring.

"Why do you even keep it public if you aren't putting any new content on it?" she asked.

I didn't have an answer for that one. At least not a real one. After a day of thinking on it now I realize there is no answer. Oh I can make excuses. I've got all kinds of those. I've been focused on moving from Virginia to Maryland. I've been looking for a full time librarian job. I've been preparing for our wedding next month. But none of that takes writing away from me, or at least it shouldn't.

Writing is, first and foremost, a craft that demands habitual dedication. It asks that every day, or at least nearly ever day, you write something. Be it a book review, a descriptive paragraph of someone in a coffee shop or a complaining rant on nothing in particular (like this one). If you don't do that the craft takes things away from you, and I don't just mean your writing skills.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to reclaim the habit of writing frequently. Somewhere along the line, I'm not sure exactly where, I lost it. I'll be trying some things here to reclaim it and for any of you still willing to ride along, I thank you.



Sandra said...

We're out here, your readers! We're still here.

MissL said...

Yay Sandra! I was positive I was the only one left and that I was only still around because I'm marrying him in three weeks. See, sweets, your army of loyal fans are still around. Find room in your chaotic schedule to write. That's an order.

Hebdomeros said...

Thanks, Sandra! A little validation always helps. I hope to keep things interesting.

Maktaaq said...

I'm around too! Though I have been quite busy with my day job that has become a night job too lately and will continue to do so for another year at least as my boss hands over part of her job to me (I am cheaper labour) - I look forward to your posts!

Hebdomeros said...

Ah, yes. I too know the pain of doing more for less money. I wish you luck...I know it can be frustrating, even if you love your job. I look forward to more posts from you, as've hipped me to more good horror movies than anyone else around.