Sunday, January 20, 2008

Week One of My Last Semester

My one class this term---my last term---is a Young Adult Literature class. The class will be a a lot of work, but fun work. We're reading 2-3 books a week and have a handful of large projects. We're reading a lot of the "classic" books for young adults, which is good for me. I've read some of the newer ones over the past year, but somehow I've missed a lot of the classics. The most contemporary thing I read for classes in high school was probably Herman Melville. Plus when I was a teen Young Adult sections in libraries didn't really exist. I just didn't get exposed to what we call Young Adult books now. I pretty much lived in the sci-fi section and rarely ventured anywhere else unless I had to. I'm looking forward to it, because It'll fill in a lot of holes in what I've read. I'll probably share short, abridged reviews of what I read, just to make sure I'm thinking about these books fully.

The prof is the head librarian at a private high school, so he's bringing in a perspective I haven't gotten yet. I like him, probably because his teaching attitude is much like my own. Laid back, open to ideas and putting much of the responsibility as far as big assignments and being ready to discuss everyday on the students. As much as I've enjoyed my program, a couple of the profs treat the grad students like they're still in high school.

Our first "project" is a short personal essay about our reading habits: what they were like when we were teens, what they are like now and how these reading habits can help or hurt our working with teens. Depending on how my essay goes, I might share it here as well. At the very least, I'll being sharing an odd mixture of book reviews of the next several days.


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