Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Year Another...Well, Something

Yesterday I turned the ripe old age of 35. It was good birthday, I guess. I spent a half-day at work, where all my co-workers wished me well. We've been enjoying 60 degree temps here in the DC area the last few days, so in the afternoon I went on a 6 mile hike and reminded myself why I like being outside. And last night I enjoyed a BBQ sandwich and a beer in a dive restaurant in Nowheresville, Va, with my friend Jim. I rounded off the night re-reading some old short stories---HP Lovecraft, mostly---listening to music by my birthday buddies Elvis and David Bowie, and thinking about the past year.

The past year has been a pretty good one. I published one short story, moved along further through grad school, and Miss L said yes when I asked her to marry me. The next year, though, will be even bigger. Over the next year I'll be graduating, finding another job, moving in with Miss L and getting married. If all goes well, all in that order.

It's a lot for one year but I'm hoping for some other things as well. Time to write and read more what I want to read and write, not just what people tell me to read and write. After I move I hope to find the wacky writerly community wherever I end up living (Baltimore?). And maybe some music lessons if I can find a good teacher. I really miss playing bass.

I'm not much for horoscopes, but I do often look at the "If today's your birthday" in the Washington Post. Here's what they have to say for my life in 2008:

Your devotion to those you love is unparalleled. Your strong feelings make taking the right action effortless. Moves and new friends are featured in February. Tell your stories in March. Your financial picture picks up in June when one bold move gets you noticed by those who can pay you well. Virgo and Gemini adore you.

I don't know about the first half, but the rest seems dead on. I know I have one older short story that will finally be giving a life in print later this year, and I think it may actually be in March. Although I'm not positive. And it looks like the new job will be in June, which sounds about right. We'll see how it all goes.

This weekend I'm heading just a bit north to Philly for the American Library Association's Mid-Winter conference. I'm sure I'll have things to blog about there, especially the gaming event and dinner on Friday night.


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