Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Artscape 2008

A few days late in posting this, but Miss L and I had a pretty good time on Sunday traipsing around this year's Artscape. For anyone out of the area, Artscape is billed as the "largest free public arts festival" and is Baltimore's unique contribution to the world of summertime fairs. It takes over several city blocks, cutting through at least three different neighborhoods and is always, always on the hottest weekend of the summer. Individual and group artists have small tents to sell their work and promote themselves, and there are also stages for performances----this year's big headliner was Joan Jett---and more fried food than any reasonable person can comprehend.

As always, we had to visit the Artcars. It was a pretty packed area, so it was hard to take many photos here. But my personal favorite was this nature car, decorated with real and fake pieces of trees, dirt and rocks.


But really my favorite part of the whole day was just sitting back and people-watching. It's often a fun way for me to pass the time and it's even more entertaining when you jam so many different people together all in one place. At one point Miss L was having her makeup done in a tent, so I sat down on a curb nearby and just started shooting some photos. For some reason this guy fascinated me; he kept pacing back and forth in front of me, seemingly overwhelmed and unsure where to go. This lasted for a good ten minutes.



Later on in the day I saw him playing blues guitar on a stage, so he may have just been trying to figure out where the music stage was.

I'll have a new review up in the next day or so, as well as some other rants about things going on. Good summer to everyone!


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