Friday, June 13, 2008

A Little Research. Very Little.

After work today I made a stop at Best Buy to make a last minute Father's Day purchase. I also ended up getting something cheap for myself, something I'm hoping will help with the comic book project.

One area I really don't know that much about are all the tropes and character types in martial arts movies. And since the story will be in part a martial arts tale I should know a bit more. One thing I'd like to do, at least I think, is play around with the basics in a part homage, part satire kind of way. So for $10 I picked up a collection of 8 old-style kung fu movies. A lot of them look to be of the Drunken Master variety, so they'll probably be pretty wacky. For the uninitiated, a Drunken Master learns to fight while intoxicated, with the idea that it makes the moves more unpredictable. Of course it makes for a lot of good slap-stick as well.

I loved this stuff as a kid, but haven't seen any in years. I remember watching these every Saturday afternoon after the cartoons finished on one of the local channels. I didn't really understand them, but I loved them anyway. The odd mix of fighting and comedy with plots so convoluted and kitschy Russ Meyer would be could an eight year old boy not love it? I'll either still love this stuff or it will drive me nuts. Time will tell.

Of course this is all solely for the purposes of serious research.


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