Saturday, May 26, 2007

Strange Bookmarks

Our admin staff recently did an unofficial survey to find out the strangest things that have been stuffed inside books when they've been returned. This is a partial list. Some are expected, some are funny and some are just downright odd.

$200 (in $20s)
$50.00 bill
airline tickets
Antique spoon
bag of dog poop in our book drop
bank envelope with $300.00 in cash
big yellow thin button
Bill of Sales on a new car
bill payment
bird feather
birthday cards (with money inside)
book in our book drop that had a big dirt clod in it
book of blank checks
Canadian money
card to a granddaughter with $5 in it.
check for $320
credit card receipts
Dear John letters
diamond earring
divorce decree
Driver's license.
engraved silver bookmark
eviction notice
Funeral Service Program
Graduation card with 10 twenty dollar bills in it
health statement
hotel bill
Library cards
love letter written in Spanish
love letters
lovely tiny pink toddler's sock -- clean and pressed
Medicine prescriptions.
nail files
Pantiliners (clean, fortunately!)
paper clips -- small, oversized, metallic and plastic
Photos, lots and lots of photos
piece of gum (had to charge for that one)
referral for a colonoscopy
report cards
rubber bands
Saving Certificated for the amount of 10,000 dollars
Sewing Needle (that was painful)
shopping receipts
soiled Kleenex
The "rules" for visiting inmates at the Lorton prison. It included
things like "underwear must be worn at all times" and "no men dressed as
women will be admitted"
the strips that come off sanitary napkins
the wrapping of a slice of processed cheese
toilet paper
uncashed paycheck
used band aid
used lollipop stick
vintage photos
wedding pictures
X-ray of the inside of an organ



Miss L said...

Over what period of time were these things found? Did they get returned to the owners? Was the cash ever kept? How odd and unnerving.

Hebdomeros said...

It was a very unofficial survey conducted to all staff via email. So it went out to all current staff at all 21 branches in our system. We were asked just to list the oddest things we've found since working, so there was no time limit really.

As far as the cash---and anything else really---we contact the person and let them know. Often when it's just a dollar bill they tell us to put it towards their late fees.