Friday, February 09, 2007

Cleaning House

Some of these links are a little old, but so be it. If you haven't seen them before you won't know any better.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Count Gore is running the 1971 horror "classic" Lady Frankenstein. You'll need a Real Player to watch.

Wil Weaton writes about Shatner's new idea to record himself reading the Book of Exodus.

Sandra Beasley and her article on the Burlesque Poetry Hour, a weekly reading series here in the DC area.

Pitt offers up a new lit journal, The Steel City Review. Looks pretty good. Thanks to Matt Briggs for the original post.

Jeff's grandfather offers up some wise Valentine's Day advice at AndIAmNotLyingForReal.

An excellent review on Carole Maso by writer Ben Downing.

Feminist SF-The Blog has a good little essay on the power of opening paragraphs.

Interesting article at the UK Independent predicting that Horror will be the hot genre for 2007. One of the key books they mention is Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box, which I reviewed here. When horror was at its height, we had the two pillars Stephen King and Clive Barker churning out pretty good work a few years in a row and supplement by decent movie versions of their work. Dunno if it's coming, but I hope if it is the hot genre again that it at least pulls from some writers who are as unique and fresh as they were twenty years ago.



Sandra said...

Hey, thanks for the link! I'm utterly amused at the amount of attention this article has gotten (it's at the top of the "News" page of Poetry Daily)...just goes to show that poetry & sex is an unbeatable combination. = )

Cheers, Sandra

Hebdomeros said...

It's a fun article, so I'm not surprised at all. It's nice to see a poetry event getting some attention.