Monday, January 08, 2007



Long time, no write.

I might be able to blame my lack of content on the holidays. Or on being sick. Or even on becoming obsessed with Battlestar Galatica and old epiodes of The X-Files.

But the truth of the matter is I was just damn lazy. I had books I wanted to review and thoughts for other short essays full of delight and wonder, but I had a hard time overcoming the all powerful force of creative inertia. When the choices were sitting down to write a few paragraphs on literature or watching a disgusting sewer creature attack people on television, I picked the latter. The more I put it off, the easier it became to put it off even more. Miss L even called me a liar last week, when I initially promised to start back up at the first of the year. I decided to defy my own physical abilities by kicking my own backside today on my 34th birthday and finally making a new post.

There will be some changes here. At least for now, I'm doing away with weekly events listings. I'll still post about ones of real interest to me just to help spread the word, but no more all-encompassing lists. Reviews will continue, and I've decided to really strive to reclaim my love for literature. A lot of the books I read for the magazine are fairly mainstream and, although good, often don't hit me in the soul like real books should. I need to seek out some reads that really move or interest me, not just books I have to read. I also may, at certain times, include a more journal-esque entries when something interesting comes up in class, work or real life. All is subject to change, and if anyone is still reading this who used to I'm happy to hear your comments as we move on.

Until next time,



Maktaaq said...

I really enjoy the reviews. There are a couple of books you reviewed that I've since added to my "To Read" list. There are also interesting books I would never have heard of if it weren't here (ie. the animal sports novel).

Hope you keep writing!

Hebdomeros said...

I will...and thanks for the encouragment, Maktaaq!

Maktaaq said...

Now that I reread this, I have to laugh because I am currently re-watching old X-Files (and seeing some for the first time). Mine's definitely an obsession.