Thursday, December 08, 2005

Horizons Far and Strange

I hadn't peeked at Strange Horizons in a couple of weeks, but I popped in there today and found out a review I did for them a couple months ago finally made it up last week. I'm pretty pleased with it. The editors were very helpful, and probably make me look a lot smarter and informed about an odd niche of sf than I really am. I'm not always that impressed with the original fiction they put out, but the reviews department does a pretty nice job. I'm happy to be part of it, at least for one piece. If they offer up other interesting books to review, I'll try to take part.

This week, Lori Ann White reviews Michael Blumlein's The Healer, which I reviewed myself awhile ago. She seems to like it more than I did, but she makes a couple good points for its merits. The main character's inaction, though, I found almost maddening. Also, Greg Beatty reviews A Sense of Wonder, a new book of criticism of the work of Samuel Delany by Jeffrey Allen Tucker. I've been a fan of Delany's for some time now, and just idea of some well thought out interpretations of Delany makes me drool.


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