Thursday, June 30, 2005


I've been on vacation this week and have been pretty busy. Surprisingly busy, although not in the usual ways. I've seen some great exhibits like the Biennial at the Corcoran, I've been to the Folklife Festival on the National Mall, and I've been playing catch-up on several movies I've been meaning to take in like Sin City, Batman Begins (both fabulous), and Land of the Dead (a bit of a letdown). All of these probably deserve full write-ups of their own, and I may back track at some point to cover them. But then I may not if I get distracted with other topics. We'll see.

I've also been doing some actual fiction writing for the first time in awhile. Oh, I've written little scraps here and there but this is the first time in months I've sat down and wrote large passages all at once. I've secretly worried that maybe I couldn't do it anymore. And while what I've written may not be winning an O. Henry prize or anything, it still felt good to do that.

Tomorrow Miss L and I are heading up to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia to take in some of the history, and perhaps ride some inner tubes down the C&O canal. Weather permitting, of course.


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