Monday, April 04, 2005

Local Writer Takes it Home

Yep, cheesy headline.

Just a pointer to today's USA Today. In amongst the articles of the opening of baseball season and the return of basball to D.C. sits a wonderful poem and interview with D.C. poet, author and Gargoyle Guru Ricard Peabody.

Peabody's written a number of stories and poems over the years about the Washington Senators and the sense of loss that spiralled to everyone in the area when the team got ripped away from our town. I'm particularly fond of the baseball related stories in his collection Open Joints on Bridge.

I hope now Peabody will find that special something he's been looking for now that baseball's back.



the happy booker said...

THANKS for posting this! Do you know how long the USA Today link will be up--I would like to add this over at my blog tomorrow. Wendi

Hebdomeros said...

I don't know. I would think at least a week, but to be honest I hardly ever look at USA Today. I just heard about it through the writer's grapevine.

LadyLitBlitzin said...

This is soooo cool. Thanks for posting it!